About Rick McCue

Rick McCue hails from Fox Harbour Newfoundland, growing up in the Placentia Bay valley. At nine years old his mother bought him a Sears guitar, and like every kid growing up by the sea, he was drawn to the boats, learning his first song, “The Wild Wood Flower” from a fisherman. After that, the six string was never far away, playing, performing and writing whenever and where ever he could.

By the ’80’s, as so many musicians from the East coast experienced, you had a simple choice: Pack up for Toronto, or stay, looking for work in a Fishing Industry that just dried up. Rick wasted no time arriving in the Big Smoke, establishing a band and releasing “Hard to Tame”, gaining a reputation amongst Toronto’s flourishing music scene as a prolific songwriter and passionate performer.

He began to explore other genres of music, tapping into his roots, recording Country, Bluegrass, R&B, honing his story telling abilities, forming his own independent Publishing Company that provided songs to Artists with National and International album releases, including Kortney Kayle (Disney/Lyric Street) and Lawnie Wallace (MCA), receiving airplay in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

In 2005, Rick got the itch to get back and start playing live again, joining The Kitchen Band, producing “Keeper of the Tide” on his newly formed label Denmar Music. This lushly produced collection of Celtic songs received critical acclaim and national airplay including The Sunday Morning Jigs and Reels on OZ FM.

At the end of November 2006, Rick went back into Studio 92 and spent over 2 years writing and recording, amassing close to 50 songs, releasing his second CD “The Road” which has been featured on CBC’s Liner Notes and Radio Newfoundland. In the spring of 2011, Rick returned to his celtic styles with the release of his latest CD entitled “Seagulls”.